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Instill that pop sound into your corporate music to let viewers know your company stays up to date.  SmartSound’s collection is extensive and adaptable from subtle backgrounds to exuberant announcements.

Charmed, from Pop Beds 1, starts out with a simple repeating pattern, and adds layers of piquant interest with driving percussion, guitar and strings.  This one would make a good background for a corporate or Spoken Word/Narration story that started out on shaky ground, ultimately triumphing in a situation far better than anyone dreamed possible.

Featured Pop Corporate Music


Head Over Heels

Destiny Awaits



From Jangle Pop two bouncy tracks keep it cheerful.  Head Over Heels devotes Electric Guitar to the cause of positive spins on the Corporate/Industrial narrative, and creates a motivating ambience in Indie or Short Films.  Steve Skinner and SmartSound newcomer Ira Siegel penned the track.  Check out Bright Horizons, Positive Biz, and Uplift, among others, for additional Corporate likelies from Skinner.

Destiny Awaits with Pop Rock style and a steady beat, but manages somehow to sound slightly more serious/purposeful.  You know this company or division will get the job done.

Aquamarine, a straight-ahead bed from Pop Beds 2 appears to put two different keys together simultaneously, which could be disconcerting, but works out well, maybe because of the simplicity of the run. It makes its way slowly through a rudimentary melody, easy-going and non-intrusive.

Outdoorsy and carefree, both in name and in execution, Horseback from Corporate Identity conveys  effortless Corporate ease carrying forward from a long-time corporation, or breaking into a much wider sphere, equally well.  They make it look so easy, like horseback-riding in the movies, but we who have tried it just the one time, know the truth!

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Getting the job done while enjoying the journey is an easy assignment for SmartSound’s Pop Corporate Music.  Refreshing, hopeful, uplifting are the moods to choose from, with solid dependability underneath.

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