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Guitar is king in Pop Royalty Free Music; whether acoustic, or electrical, jammin’ wailin,’ or whispering tenderly, it’s never far from the forefront. Smartsound’s pop music section revels in guitar glory, solid melodies and lavish arrangements. Fun, bluesy Guitar Au Go Go, from solid pop rock album Pop Flight, steps right out with a quick nod to ‘80’s megahit “Venus,” then struts out in its own edgy direction with instruments taking their turns to keep the melody rocking.

Featured Pop Royalty Free Music

Here For You

Burger & Shake

Big Plans

Block Party

Hands In The Air

Gorgeous, heartwarming Here for You showcases the ballad-perfect side of acoustic guitar. Don’t let it’s easy-going style fool you; this cut is expansive enough to back up big emotional moments in your story. Retro Brit Invasion puts you in the mood to drag out the old bell-bottoms and start shrieking at the Fab Whoever. Or not. Forget the bell-bottoms, but do check out these tracks—reminiscent of ‘60’s rock, still in its sweet childhood, but rockin’ out, too. Perky Rock/Pop Band Burger & Shake makes the point—upbeat, retro, and changing tune midway, like an adolescent’s voice dropping, to something a shade darker. Use this one for flashbacks or Indie films. Active, outdoorsy scenes are perfect for showcasing the driving classic rock sound of Big Plans. Tack it to a beach sequence, or the school band parade scene and count on it creating a sunny mood. Classic electric organ livens up Block Party, and a few vocal accents make you swear the Stones must have dropped by your neighborhood. A positive, motivating pop rock track, ready to dive headfirst into your video. For a lush collection of the lighter side of Rock/Pop don’t miss the cool guitars and stylish keyboards of album Pop Beds 1. Pulsating piano and percolating synth for Hands in the Air, add a boost of momentum to go with your corporate/industrial footage. Truth be told, I adore this charming upbeat background, and I want you to use it everywhere! For something completely different, the clear tones of Violet And Blue, will warm up any scene needing pleasant vibes. Drums, and even a hint of violin join in later in the track. As we mentioned in the last blog on  pop music it’s the largest category in Smartsound’s Royalty Free Music library. Use Pop Royalty Free music for energizing, reminiscing, and putting that “Yes, we still rule because we birthed the greatest music ever!” smile on the Baby Boomer’s face.

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