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Most all corporate music is positive, but the moods can still vary tremendously depending on the company’s culture or circumstances. 

Simple acoustic guitar, with unique percussion accents that sound like a stick tapping the ground mimic the refreshing thoughtfulness of Conscious Consumption from Going Green.  Use it for green-conscious corporate projects, or commercials for the discerning, those who think through each purchase, weighing all the costs, not just the “I want it now” decision.

A much lusher ensemble creates Rising Light for album Core Evolution; a feel-good track to back up scenes of hero/heroine deciding today’s going to be a good day, filled with accomplishments, no matter how it started out.  Piano and breezy accents from a primitive flute-like whistle give it world feel; dreams of travel keep him/her motivated.

Rising Light

Chase Your Dreams

15 Miles High

A New Journey

Chase Your Dreams from Craig Stuart Garfinkle Vol 1 – Emotive & Dramatic adds in orchestral excitement and voices with a definite world adventure flavor; Indiana Jones meets the board room head on and takes it out in one!  This track packs enough power to flesh out Action-Dramas as well as driving commercials.

What a great title!  From album Light Hearted, 15 Miles High keeps it chill and easy-going, accompanying a balloon ride journey or that feeling when you’ve temporarily decided to suspend all worry.  Travel and Home Videos provide alternate locations for this positive corporate-style track.

 With a New Age flavor, A New Journey carries forward the same calm sense of expectation that all will be well in Will to Succeed.  While it features more of a corporate feel than 15 Miles High, it could work as well in Reality TV sequences or Nature Films.  Marimba and strings add unusual sensations.

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Positive corporate music from SmartSound doesn’t need to be milquetoast, even when calm and serene.  The forward vision of the company can be revealed with the variety every track affords, with the SmartSound advantage, building to a dramatic climax in the company’s history, or showing you can count on us, as usual.

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