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Light, upbeat royalty free music is an ideal background for commercials, informational videos and corporate training pieces. If you operate a business that uses an automated customer service system, engaging your listeners with pleasant, easy-listening music while they’re on hold is a proven strategy. At SmartSound Royalty Free Music, we’ve built a large library of optimistic and cheerful background music that’s ideal for a wide range of applications.

Featured Positive Royalty Free Music

Have We Met

Just Old-Fashioned

Please Come In

Second Helping

Special Sauce

Positive Outlook is one of our most popular collections of positive background music. Featuring buoyant, proud anthems with titles like High Spirits and Exuberant Success, these songs make excellent accompaniments to public service announcements and all things corporate. We also offer a companion collection called Positive Biz. These motivational songs give you a broader range of options for your soundtrack or customer service system. Our Light Hearted collection was uniquely composed for easy importation into video editing and digital presentation suites. It’s simple to edit your way into and out of these songs, and with track titles like Positive Impulse, Future Love and Velvet Sunshine, the music is impossible not to love! If you’re looking specifically for positive background music played on the acoustic guitar, check out the Positive Acoustics collection. Shades of folk and country music color these upbeat and inspirational songs, which have a versatile range of applications. They’re great for scoring scenes featuring good times, good friends, personal growth and positive outcomes. Finally, explore our Spring Cleaning collection if you need music with influential power. This collection combines the sounds of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards and horns, fusing them into slick numbers that are motivational without being heavy-handed. Music is a potent way to stimulate emotions. The power of positive thinking can grow from positive music, and these song collections provide hour after hour of cheerful, tasteful and stirring melodies. Use them to build stronger and more productive corporate culture, or to reinforce the sense of forward movement and personal progress in movie scenes and video montages.

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