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Delight with Drums

Thrilling and gentle scenes call for powerful background drum music as it allows for steadily rolling drama. Whether the light touch of a hi-hat, gentle brushes with cymbals, side-sticking a snare,or railing on tom-fills, powerful drum music can light your production up or tone it down. Cyrano de Bergerac could pull off an acoustic guitar solo while reciting poetry but we think adding drums would have sealed the deal.

Featured Powerful Drums Music

Lone Rider

A New Era

Turning it Around

Creative Process

Five Good Reasons

Listen UpGive a listen to Lone Rider from the album Black & Blue as this beauty is reminiscent of today’s hottest bands. It’s a powerful, driving and bold tune set to thrill an audience with its strong lead electric guitar and intense drums. Next, flip the spectrum and listen to A New Era on the album Power Play and enjoy an inspiring and positive soundtrack. A New Era is rich with confidence and hope as its driven along by acoustic and electric guitars and lightly rockin’ drums. It’s an energetic little tune we think you’ll like.

Positive Biz Vol 2Here are a few call outs for the album Positive Biz, volume 2 with music designed to elicit excitement and passion. Consider Turning it Around, an energetic soundtrack that’s confident, inspiring and striving with a pop rock sound and snappy drums and instrumentals. Next up is Creative Process that’s fresh, hopeful and upbeat as it sails along with melodic strings, a harmonious synthesizer and a healthy drum beat. Positive Biz also features Five Good Reasons with a musical marimba and powerful drums framed by refreshing violin and piano; it’s a snappy soundtrack for a positive scene. This album has more tracks than we can cover here but suffice it to say powerful drums accompany them all.

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