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SmartSound offers a superb selection of Powerful Film Trailer Music for every project. Mute the volume next time you watch a film and note the lack of drama, energy, emotion and feeling during the silence. SmartSound’s Powerful Film Trailer Music tracks will engage your audience,  whether you want them on the edge of their seat, laughing hysterically or crying compassionately; there is definitely something you need in SmartSound’s expansive royalty-free background track library.

Featured Powerful Film Trailer Music

Dawn of Doom

Smother Me

It Ends Here




Core Beyond Film Trailer Music

Central to every cinematic scene is the element of suspense and the album, Core Beyond fills the bill with 10 unique tracks, including Dawn of Doom—a pulsating track providing a dramatic and intense percussive beat ideal for tense, sinister and even chase scenes. Dawn of Doom’s driving and ominous beat conjures up visions of terror and suspense as it propels scenes forward. Consider the polar opposite of Dawn of Doom with Smother Me and its powerful guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums and striving keys that make this slammin’ hard rock background track excellent for an intense race, sports or big event scene.

Massive Edge Orchestral Album Thrills

A fierce electronic orchestra provides the moving backdrop for It Ends Here—an oh-so-tense-and-thrilling track dripping with drama and action. A heroic and futuristic theme runs thru It  Ends Here as a bold and growling synthesizer provides an edgy build towards a climatic ending.

Massive Edge Orchestral also offers the other-worldly sound of Rampage—an intense track loaded with a sense of suspense and torment great for video games and action scenes with its syncopated rhythm provided by intense electronic instrumentals, dramatic drums and unstoppable strings. If you’re still poking around for Powerful Film Trailer Music for your project, skip over to Resurrect with its bold, exciting and driving drums and soaring melodies.

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Ideal for any cinematic film trailer, Resurrect provides an energetic and futuristic pulse you’re going to love. 

Additional customization features allow users to be sure that the Powerful Film Trailer Music chosen is ideal for their scene.

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