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Bring in SmartSound’s Quiet Royalty Free Music for the ethereal and/or cerebral sections of your productions, when a lot of thinking, brooding or just daydreaming is going on.  The action has faded to silence for the time being, and the music reflects the rich world of the inner landscape.

Featured Quiet Royalty Free Music


Under Surveillance

Whispers of Spring

Full Circle

Auburn Sky

From Indie Film 02, subtle Attrition demonstrates how just a few notes in a narrow range can yet weave a complex tapestry of sound.  Bring this minimalist tract on board for a transition section in a TV or Film Drama where someone is traveling to destination with an uncertain outcome awaiting, or making little headway mulling over a serious decision.  Electric guitar provides counterpoint to an incessant background.

Under Surveillance, another mysterious track suitable for Documentary or Action-Drama, brought to you by the same album, builds tension with wavering bass and a robotic marimba.  The track almost tells a story by itself.  Illustrate a vignette of compressed time or background material; explain how the character got to be how they are today in simple story within a story. 

Explore the Bright Side of quiet with Whispers of Spring.  Well-strummed acoustic guitar riffs tell the welcome news of lighter days to come.  For Commercials or Biography, this easy-going track brings in elements of Country/Folk, invigorating as well as soothing the hearer.

For Corporate/Industrial venues, Full Circle from Going Green, brings viewers back to a better time or way of doing things.  New Age Ensemble and vocals keep the support serene and refreshing in this atmospheric background track. 

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Mellow variation names such as Sunset, Daydream, and Faith gives us the heads’ up that Auburn Sky from Indie Film 01 is going to be a peaceful one.  Indie Artist meets Studio Orchestra in the quiet song’s quiet song, with unexpected touches of violin sliding in for gentle surprise; this ballad without words is masterfully unobtrusive, a perfect foil for Spoken Word/Narrative sequences.

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