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Be. Inspired.Consider Inspiration Hill on the Nature Trails album with its tender Celtic influences and low Irish whistle. It’s a gentle, lyrical quiet violin track ideal for a country backdrop with its leisurely theme and mellow instrumentals. Nature Trails has another winning quiet violin track with Home Again—a mellow melody led by a tender violin to create an easy-going Southern rhythm that’s lazy, leisurely and sways confidently along.

Awaken Lost LoveAwaken from Indie Film 01 is an earthy, hypnotic ballad that’s reflective, solemn, emotionally driven and an excellent choice for melancholic scenes. Indie Film 01 also scores with Interpretation—a pensive piano and poignant violin create this richly emotional track. Consider it for memorial, tribute or spoken word scenes. Reflect on First Steps on the Indie Film Fest Album, a warm track featuring a reflective piano melody and soft and soaring violin music that’s pensive, romantic and serene.

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