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Reality TV Commercial music from SmartSound brings in the desired counterpoint to the alleged true-life drama of the show, either keeping up the same hectic atmosphere, or switching gears completely to keep viewers grounded.

It’s gonna be a great week with Monday from Core Evolution.  Everything looks bright in this Alternative Rock uplifter, with clear electric guitar strumming in the front, and “different drummer” guitar solo rockin around in the background.

Downtown Mix brings us a similar tempo with Smooth Ride, a competitive number with more of a Rap/Hip-Hop edge, and a dark inner-city ambience.  Graduating from the Shelter might be the title of this Reality TV show.

Featured Reality TV Commercial Music


Smooth Ride

Nothing is Impossible

Open Fields

Miami Lounge

Nothing is Impossible from Will to Succeed starts out with great expectations from the get-go, using piano and strings to add lush orchestration, as it periodically bursts out into even more uplifting anticipation of glory to come. 

From the same album, Open Fields adds Oboe, Marimba and Acoustic Guitar to a song that embodies the expansiveness of the outdoors.  Use the friendly emotion generated for Nature and Corporate projects as well as Commercials.

Miami Lounge from the album Club Scene creates a feeling of slick, smooth coolness in the characters, no matter how unrealistic that assessment may be.  Trance and electronica elements keep the atmosphere sub-zero, as the track alternates with dependable regularity between spare drum brush sweeps and a livelier breakbeat  spark.

From what we hear, reality TV is often far from it, but lively well-backed commercials at least keep it in the realm of entertaining.

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