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Movin’ and Groovin’Watch people at a jam session when Relaxed Island Music is played and you’ll notice no one is sitting still. You can’t help but move and groove to the light, carefree and happy sounds of Relaxing Island Music. When you want to convey a cheerful, leisurely mood, consider adding a touch of relaxing island music and your audience will connect with it.

Featured Relaxing Island Royalty Free Music

Pacific Rendezvous

Aloha Oe


Christmas Vacation

Sailing Away

Happy DaysThe album Blue Waters features Pacific Rendezvous and Aloha Oe and both tracks are relaxing, mellow and cheerful with a light, carefree, tone that’s refreshing and leisurely. Pacific Rendezvous offers a festive, cheerful and refreshing island beat perfect for a travel scene. Aloha Oe is a well-known Hawaiian tune often played at luaus and you can just imagine grass skirts and leis swaying in the cool, ocean breeze when you hear it. The authentic sounds of ukelele and steel guitar make Aloha Oe a fan-favorite.

Dreamin’ on Dub Factor adds a bit of smooth electronica music for a soft, mellow and relaxing tropical beat. Christmas Vacation is an up-tempo track with a World beat that’s atmospheric, ethereal and mellow with a slight island feel; check it out for vacation footage or a tropical themed project.

Sailing Away on the album Fun Times is another relaxed song with its upbeat piano, flute and mandolin that make it an ideal tune for a light, leisurely and refreshing scene.

Relaxing Island Music can be just the ticket for travel footage, indie scenes, commercials, and for any scenes that are leisurely, refreshing and definitely happy. There are no sad scenes when Relaxed Island Music is used. Head over to the SmartSound library and find the perfect music for your scene. Our customizable soundtracks are the highest-quality in the industry. Let SmartSound music help your production shine. SmartSound—The Only Customizable Royalty Free Music Library.

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