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Begin your search with the album Kool Kitsch with its host of memorable tracks loaded with amusing and enjoyable new music that tips a hat to the past. Another Mai Tai is a cool, bluesy tune that’s fun and upbeat with an electronic Latin beat driven by marimbas and percussion. Party Over Here is another winner as soul and gospel tricks unite to create an exuberant, lively and soulful track with an upbeat retro feel. If it’s dancing you want then you must try Snazzy Samba; a fantastically lively and upbeat samba track that’s horn-laden. You’ll love the dynamic, fun, quirky tune with light vocals that make Snazzy Samba a confident, driving upbeat soundtrack.

Next up is the album Power Play with a rich variety of musical genres; check out On The Podium for a cool, upbeat and funky tune with a vintage feel. This track is confident and energetic with a driving electric bass and brass section, snappy drums and a strong synthesizer. You’ll also like Bright Morning on Indie Film 01 with a nostalgic, poppy ring that’s fun, festive and cheerful with an accordion that lends a quirky, retro feel to the track.

Retro Background Music compliments countless scenes and productions, whether needed for 15 seconds, one scene or a full-scale cinematic production. You’ll find your ideal selection in SmartSound’s extensive music library loaded with royalty free background music. Our award-winning, patented music technology allows you to customize our music just the way you like it. Rest assured that you can produce professional quality music that sounds and feels custom scored for your project.

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