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Oh, what fun it is to hear rollicking music that is zany and whimsical—music that’s catchy, carefree, energetic and completely silly. Lively and boisterous music is ideal for spirited and amusing scenes, cooking, travel or home videos or better yet, introduce a lively play with it and dial up the antics.

Featured Rollicking Royalty Free Music

Have We Met

Hot Plate


Yellow Jalapeno

Captain Hero


The tune Have We Met on the Home Cooking album kicks up the whimsy with a free-spirited frolic through an old-fashioned scene with a fun, festive, and cheerful jazz beat. Violin and clarinet add a swinging, old-time feel to this happy song. Hot Plate on Home Cooking also features a perky clarinet and a shimmering trumpet that knock out a rollicking tune in a cheerful and spirited manner. The instrumentals on this happy jazz-laced track are lively and whimsical.

Daylight on Indie Band 02 offers is a sweet pop rock tune ideal for uplifting scenes. Daylight is a positive, carefree and fresh song with a rollicking and spirited Indie or alternative beat. The entire album offers songs with a creative edge and some have light vocals; check it out.

Latin Gems

Yellow Jalapeno on Latin Blend takes a fresh approach to fun with this effervescent, perky and refreshing soundtrack. It offers everything Latin music should be; a fast, furious up-tempo with rocking trumpets, saxophone and a passionate brass section.

Captain Hero on the album Richard Band, Volume 5 shoots out of the big top with a catchy, zesty tune with dual piccolos, dashing drums and perky bells. This wacky, rollicking composition is ideal for a kid’s scene, animation, comedy, action-drama or home videos.

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Rollicking music is not for the faint of heart. It’s meant to be swaggering and boisterous and heat up the fun. It’s meant for positive, happy, fun-loving scenes. It won’t add suspense, intrigue or romance, either! A quick keyword search in the SmartSound library will reveal even more rollicking gems of music. Royalty free, customizable, background music is just a click or two away.

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