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Romantic Heartwarming Royalty Free Music from SmartSound fills a need for the quieter emotional moments in a video production, whether it be conveying a tranquil moment of calm acceptance in a seasoned relationship, or the realization of new-found tenderness in a recent one.

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Back To Me

Big Picture

Juliet Is Only Sleeping

Small Town Girl

The Girl I Never Knew


A long pensive introduction starring oboe, flute and clarinet sets the stage for a touching mood in The Return from album Core Evolution. (reviewed July 1, 2013)

Subtle shifts to major keys create heartwarming accents, though the overall romantic tone is more dramatic than giddy.  We can see it backing up a space station romance.  Love is there, but the underlying constant danger keeps it more melancholy.  Harp and orchestra add a reflective element, making this track suitable for Tribute/Memorial, Documentary, or Biography.

Ron Sorbo’s orchestration of the ultimate heartwarming, romantic piece, Tchaikovsky’s delicate Romeo and Juliet, is brought to you for cinematic magic from Cinema Standards.  The string section dances an elegant waltz around classical orchestra support.  It sounds as though it belongs in a 1940’s movie, but could find a home in a modern retro version of a romantic theme.

From Emotional Journeys come a spare, poignant ballad, Lover’s Touch.  Piano and Studio Orchestra create a touching atmosphere ideal for Indie Films or Short Films featuring scenes of love, romance, and family.  Tender harp and string accents add an Easy-Listening/New Age ambience to the emotional scene.

Part of a romantic feeling about anything, whether a sweetheart, a beloved family member, or even a pet comes from being fully present with that loved one.  The good old days were not always as good as they are cracked up to be, but one thing A Simpler Time did provide was more time spent together, rather than consumed with electronics.   This serene, refreshing track from composer Judson Lee in Acoustic Textures (PS71) uses guitar and piano to create a quiet nostalgic rhythm for Nature films, Travel pieces, and Home Videos.

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All our Days Together from the same album brings in Acoustic Guitar and New Age Ensemble for another take on what it means to enjoy each other’s company.  A World flavor and the angelic tone hint at a broader sense of the importance of the people we find in our lives, and how long we really will be together.  Use it for Documentary, and Tribute/Memorial pieces, as well as romantic scenes.

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