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SmartSound’s Romantic Royalty Free Guitar Music features guitar as well as piano, mandolin and string combinations to create the perfect mood for your romantic projects.

As the sunlight appears in the new day, tentatively at first, then building to a fresh, serene, early-morning energy, Morning After from album Craig Stuart Garfinkle Volume 1 Emotive & Dramatic also builds.  Echoing the certainty arising in the hearts of true soul-mates, this New Age Ensemble piece pairs guitar and piano with orchestra to evoke the tender atmosphere.

Featured Romantic Royalty Free Guitar Music

All I See Is You

Juliet Is Only Sleeping

The Girl I Never Knew

Like The Tears

My Next Blue Moon

Appropriately named album Light Hearted provides a Pop Rock guitar selection with Good Feeling.  Positive achievement, such as in Corporate Videos, or successful emotional relationships resulting from the correct kind of romantic comedy (!) are enhanced with this hopeful, motivating track.  Vibraphone adds unique angelic sounds to the mix.

Mandolin backs up the atmosphere created by the powerful female vocals of Jessica Firth, in Evening in Venice from album Jessa.  This cool Indie Rock ballad chronicles a doomed romantic evening, and “wondering what if..” it had gone better. Rock/Pop Band and acoustic guitar make it a perfect song for a teen-centered TV/Film project.

Also from Jessa comes an exotic Latin American ballad in unusual 7/4 time, Forgiven and Forgotten; this atmospheric instrumental creates its own world, both relaxed and exciting.  Commercials or Film Trailers would benefit from its sensual mood. 

Despite the slightly sad title, Lost Rose from Spanish Heart sings with positive steady Spanish rhythm.  Castanets and other delights from a Latin band perk up this leisurely, but energetic track.

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While guitar can certainly convey the melancholy poignant side of romantic scenes, many of the Romantic Royalty Free Guitar Music tracks from SmartSound carry a beautiful, uplifting message.  Acoustic guitar is the star and it tells the gentle, hopeful tale. 

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