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Few instruments are more Romantic than the Piano, and SmartSound’s Romantic Royalty Free Piano Music features all of the heartfelt emotional range piano conveys, from intricate solos to close duets with guitar, strings, and other instruments.

Flute and piano duet with orchestral backing portray a delicate, reflective Scenic Journey, by Rotem Moev, from album Intrigue & Tension.  Romantic scenes benefit from the graceful, angelic melodies in this tranquil track.  Listen for beguiling and touching upturns in the mood lead by the flute; ideal for Drama in TV and Film. 

Featured Romantic Royalty Free Piano Music

How Can I Say Goodbye

Scenic Journey

Like The Tears

My Next Blue Moon

Where Do We Go

Guitar and piano in close tandem create a strong background to meet the intense voice presence of Nova Page in Nova Page & 21AD for emotional Like the Tears.  The words to this Pop Rock Ballad are melancholy, but the voice and driving piano give it a heartwarming feel.  Strange though it might seem, this gentle track might find a home in a drama that ranges across many continents, or in a tongue-in-cheek comedy, a là Ben Stiller.

Francisco Becker’s album Above and Beyond (reviewed June 6, 2013), brings us poignant orchestral stylings with piano solos in Water Reflections.   The tune is as relaxed as the title, even with a solid studio orchestra behind it.  Use it for serene romantic interludes or as a reassuring muted backdrop in a commercial.

Indie music is famous for adding an offbeat twist, and At Twilight from Indie Film Fest is no exception.  Lighten up the mood of World flavored TV/Film drama with piano interacting with accordion and rhythm acoustics. 

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From the same album, the piano takes off in a very different direction with a gentle, soothing track called First Steps.  Images of newborns or elderly couples would create a graceful counterpoint to this track; it’s lullaby material with a grown-up twist-intense violin backing.

Romantic love stretches beyond that between couples in SmartSound’s  Romantic Royalty Free Piano Music, to encompass familial love and any other venue where touching emotions are present, even a character’s love for their home or country.  

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