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Whether backing up pumped-up scenes in motion, streaking down the home stretch for a sports video, or speeding up time with a montage, Smartsound’s Royalty Free Action Music does some heavy lifting for your action-filled footage.

Take the energetic rock sequences of Full Throttle, for example. With familiar-sounding classics to edgy contemporary tracks, these songs drive home that winning feeling, pump up the fun factor, or intensify the effect of your action scenes.

Featured Royalty Free Action Music

Broken Play


Last Exit

Breath Sucker

Cranium Crunch

They call it robot rock, and the incessant mechanical turbulence of Broken Play does spill over into futuristic. But the ‘80’s electronic percussion, Rock/Pop Band style, and driving guitar riffs bring out that Back to the Future feel. Mark some time in your next Action-Drama, with this track, and make it clear the engines are just being revved up. We also get a kick out of raucous, pulsating Unstoppaball. Sinister, and dissonant, this funk-rocker builds up a slow burn for sports footage, or suspense scenes. Liven up Training videos and On Hold Music with nostalgic Sand and Surf. Sax and electric guitar bring the beach mode home in this classic 1950’s surf-rock cut. Alternative Maximum moves things on a different track, more along Indie lines. Outdoorsy Last Exit populates Commercials and Indie film scenes with an earthy road trip feel. Check out unique soaring slide guitar lead in striving Hard Rock Style Fooled Again. When the action goes into overdrive, pull out all the stops with charged-up Power Surge. Although it chimes in with some light, carefree rock/pop journeys, Breath Sucker is not one of them. Whenever you need a Video Game to exhibit extremes of angry, powerful forces, the distorted ‘wa-wa’ guitar in this track will, literally, suck your breath away. Fierce Cranium Crunch hits it almost as hard with hectic metal guitar, and driving percussion. Keep your action footage moving and pulsing along with Smartsound Royalty Free Action music. Whether you need the motion to feel mid-tempo and melodic, or raw and ruthless, these tracks will get your scene where you want it to go in a hurry, and awaken your viewers’ senses to boot. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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