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If you’re filling out the soundtrack of a youth- or angst-oriented picture, the jagged edge of alternative rock makes a perfect sonic complement. SmartSound Royalty Free Music provides both no-budget newbies and cost-conscious professional filmmakers with a wide range of options across all genres. Evocative and energetic, the “alternative rock” umbrella also includes numerous sub-genres. Pop rock is perfect if you’re looking for a polished sound. Indie rock is ideal for those seeking a more meandering and spontaneous take on contemporary rock. There are other, more specialized alternative rocks sounds for you to explore as well, including everything from dark synth-driven songs to country-influenced folk rock.

Featured Royalty Free Alternative Rock

Alternative Grunge


Cold Metal

One of our featured alternative rock tracks is Alternative Grunge, styled after the explosively popular Seattle-based pop culture phenomenon. Featuring aggressive guitars, grinding rhythms and primal drumming, this hard rockin’ track makes the perfect background to party scenes, bar and club scenes, or any other cinematic scenario featuring angst-driven youth breaking out of its chains! For a smoother mood, check out Jawbone from the Classic Rock compilation, which weaves silky grooves through grinding guitar chords. If you’re looking for something more aggressive, check Cold Metal from Full Spectrum. Put a gnarled edge on your soundtrack with this relentless, powerful grind.

The High Performance collection combines a comprehensive selection of songs from across numerous alternative and indie rock genres. It is one of the most lively and vigorous albums in our library, giving you dozens of options for creating high-tempo and youth-oriented soundtracks. If you’re interested in the energy of the alternative rock genre, we highly recommend the Maximum Action collection. You’ll find a hugely energetic selection of songs and melodies for upbeat productions of all sorts, from pilot projects and movies to public service announcements and commercials. Alternative rock is powerful, edgy and punchy. This genre has serious appeal for filmmakers looking for an intense contemporary sound to get their scenes rockin’ hard. SmartSound is a cost-effective way to highlight your next video game or video project—without sacrificing quality and music power.

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