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Ambient music focuses on creating a mood or atmosphere, and rarely features the structure of a recognizable composition, melody or rhythm. Developing in the late 1970’s in the United Kingdom, this synthesizer-heavy genre combines elements of space rock, and Krautrock (German experimental music.) Eerie Binary Tides, from album Dreams and Whispers pulsates through various disconnected ambient sound effects and rhythms to create a chill, mellow texture for Meditation, Science, or Short Film projects. Subdued, ethereal Explore the Now, adds a quiet touch for scenes of wonder, discovery or mystery for Documentaries and Indie Films.

Featured Royalty Free Ambient Music

A Tender Melody

Emotional Guilt

Fragile Dream

Infinite Love

Nostalgic Waltz

In my favorite from this album, trance-like percussion stylings add a little more structure in Stable Orbits. Return from space and enjoy crickets, and Eastern-tinged guitar phrases from earthy Celestial Twilight, (Tranquil Journeys album.) This New Age> Ensemble offering brings a reflective, outdoorsy tone to a Nature, or Short Film project. Relax, and let it flow! From the same album, tranquil Visions, uses acoustic guitar and sound waves for a soothing ambient tone, adding depth to serene visuals.
Commercials and Corporate projects get the benefit of hypnotic ambience with Positive Impulse, from Light-Hearted along with hard-driving drum lines. More structured, but still definitely electronic and atmospheric. More purely ambient, brooding, Descent Surprise, pulses smoothly, yet mysteriously in TV/Film Drama style through several dark, brooding moods; an investigative, haunting soundscape from album Prime Time Drama. From Heartfelt, strings join the calm, soft sounds of Ethereal Signs, creating a floating, exploratory bed for Spoken Word/Narration, Biography or Indie Film scenes of discovery. Alternately solemn, and upbeat, Mirage, (Ethereal Dreams) brings in a ballad style, drums,and a strong bass line. It provides a sense of determination, awakening, and great travels, whether internal or out in the world. Royalty Free Ambient Music from Smartsound displays the surprising variety of this musical “form without form,” providing the right background sound for creating designer moods from relaxed to haunting to lyrical, always reminding us we’re in the present or the future with its ever-present electronic basis. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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