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Much of SmartSound’s Royalty Free Animation Musicis geared towards all things children’s cartoons; playful, wacky, or even circus-like. However, animation has come a long way in recent decades, and animation venues for teens and adults have exploded. SmartSound’s music library boasts sophisticated tracks to back up those projects as well.

Featured Royalty Free Animation Music

Dark Whisper

Emotional Aftermath

Heroic Fantasy

Lords Of War

The End Is Near

In Richard Band Volume 5 – Comedy a large, live studio orchestra creates the wacky wherewithal to skid through classic cartoon shorts, or any comedic scene. Orchestra and strings, particularly xylophone and woodwinds, bob through the antics in Just Ducky a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek track just right for Home Videos and Comedy, as well as Animation. Goofy and patriotic come together as Troop Terwilliger marches through kids-at-camp sequences with a quirky military tone. Another album with the accent on magical, from innocent to exotic is Land of Wonder. On the delicate end, Beyond the Garden Gate, complete with angelic choral highlights and celeste, romps through a theme that would make a perfect beginning to a kid-friendly motion picture adventure. At the other extreme, driving mysterious Mask of Destiny gallops through Arabian lands and lends the right sinister touch for Action-Drama animation keyed to older kids. I could see Tim Burton’s music director trotting out Frightful Fantasy, from the Fantasy, Magic & Suspense album to get Our Tween Heroes in the correct, scared-out-of-their-animated-minds mood. Ballad-style In Doubt moves the theme along with drama and uncertainty when the kids timidly, yet courageously, take action. The scary gets a little more light-hearted with Spooky Groove; strings strike out a mysterious, but cool beat. Wandering back to the whimsical sides, as all good animation features eventually do, no matter how scary they get, gives you a chance to use some sly, goofy tracks like Silly Street, from Kids & Tweens. Hip Hop meets perky for kids-themed productions. And for Teen Pop, electronica takes a turn with Kool Klub, straight ahead electro-pop with a firm groove. Video is all about suspending belief for an entertaining while, and animation takes it up one more step into fantasy world. Whether for kids’ cartoons, animated movies, or video games, SmartSound’s royalty free animation music backs up your magical stylings with exuberance and relish! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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