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These royalty free music beds make great ambient background music for any project. Instrumental music that won’t overpower even the softest dialog. Electronic tracks for more vibrant backgrounds, and hypnotic sounds that work great with mediation and yoga.

Atmospheric Beds take advantage of the magical effect of music on our moods and thoughts, subtly drifting us into the emotional streams and rivers our cinematic directors want us to be caught up in. Without the distraction of lyrics and familiar melodies these tone poems work on us with bewitching power while hardly seeming noticeable.

‘Make your bed and lie in it’ was never more apropos. Imagine how jarring Twilight Encounter from the album Solo Simplicity would go down in your heavy-duty actionthriller! But toss its joie de vivre into the footage of you inner-tubing down the river as a kid, and it’s right at home.


Featured Royalty Free Atmospheric Beds

Android Dream

Deserted City

Fossil Evidence

Mars Sunrise

No More Regrets


Convey the whole fun family scene that may or not ever have been with tracks from Natural Progressions, such as Boughs of Heather. Take advantage of Sonicfire’s Mood Mapping feature to easily remove drums and other instruments to create an even lighter acoustic guitar texture—ideal for narrative backdrops.

Or fast forward a few years wrap Gamer’s Groove from Eclectic Beats around scenes of teenage angst, joy and social ambivalence. Spiral Tracks, from the same album, is a quirky electronic piece propelled by a punchy, bluesy guitar riff.

The intricate possibilities from Royalty Free Atmospheric Beds range from “ethereal, soothing, relaxed, mellow, such as Ease Your Mind, a flowing, gentle backdrop for dream sequences from album Chilled & Shaken. Let the orchestral elements of Train of Thought move your plot forward in style.

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The understated reggae of Dub Factor tracks, such as Christmas Vacation, to One Hour Phono move effortlessly from the high chic of fashion video to travel/tropical themes to a mellow, middle-of-the-night ambiance.

Relish how these royalty free musical allies transform your videos from great to brilliant, and let their seamless expressiveness drive your creativity to new heights!

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