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Big band musicdeveloped in the 1920’s when bands of 10-25 musicians, including a string section, played danceable jazz tunes with sweet, romantic melodies. Big band sound became an important part of morale during World War II in the 1940’s when big bands often entertained the troops overseas.

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Bouncy Fanfare

Lazy Daisy

Roll The Dice

Shuffle Off

Dinner For Two


Royalty Free Big Band Music both reprises past hits from the biggest big band era (1930’s and ’40’s), such as in Big Band Blast, but also offers modern versions sprinkled throughout other albums. Infuse a Short Film, Indie Film or Home Video with the energy of a swing dance hall with upbeat, nostalgic Jump To It. Slow the beat down a bit, with old-fashioned Makes You Wonder, for an easy mid-tempo feel. And for the slow dance scenes, bring out leisurely, elegant My One and Only, a romantic big band ballad with a soaring lead trumpet.
Tight muted brass and charming piano solo licks do point-counterpoint in Big Band Nostalgia from the Romance & Memories album. Bring it out when you need an elegant retro feel with modern sophistication. Big band takes on a high-intensity edge with Big Funky Band, an exuberant outing from Swing Bands, Blues & Gospel. Or bring big band-era jazz out for an energetic background with cool, bluesy Detective Story. Enjoy the trumpet and sax solos that never miss a beat or bring down the tempo. The essence of big band comes down to high-energy fun in a uniquely-American musical style, echoing the optimism and extravagance of the 1920’s. It carried us through two decades of struggle and tragedy, and lives on with its jazzy intensity undimmed. Use Royalty Free Big Band Music whenever your project calls for upbeat music that speaks to the hopes and dreams of an iconic time in American history, of remembrance and determined optimism. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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