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The timeless appeal of classical music makes it one of the most versatile options for scoring scenes, commercials and video productions. Its swelling strings and moody movements encompass a complete range of emotions, from joyous and celebratory to pensive and tragic. Some of the world’s most successful directors have employed classical music in their astonishingly successful soundtracks. The Royalty Free Classical Music page contains Royalty Free collections of Classical Music. Most of the tracks on these collections were written by composers from the classical period of western music. Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Strauss, Schubert, Chopin, Mozart and more — the music of these composers defined an era. Most of the music on these CDs was recorded from live performances, not produced with synthetic sounds. If orchestral and chamber music is what your looking for the SmartSound Royalty Free Classical Music page is the right place.

Featured Royalty Free Classical Music

Bach Jesu

Blue Danube

Mozard Allegro Molto

Bach Air On The G String

Ride Of The Valkyries

In addition to the works of canonical composers, we have also included more recent, evocative passages. These pieces allow you to conjure the eternal feel of classical music in a refreshingly new way. Our Classical Masters collection highlights major works from some of the heaviest hitters in the world of classical music. These passages are perfect for imparting a sense of grandeur, high style, erudition or elite status. The Classical Favorites collection picks up where Classical Masters leaves off, presenting some of the most famous passages in music history in full orchestral glory. If you want to include chamber music as part of your production soundtrack, the Mozart & Rossini collection is ideal. Recorded by world-class musicians, these divertimenti and sonatas are among the most celebrated and iconic musical compositions ever created. In addition to these works, we have also compiled six Classical Suite collections. The collections include both favorites written by recognizable composers as well as newer pieces with a more contemporary yet timeless appeal. They are designed to help you strike the perfect mood in your scene, whether you’re dealing with high drama or a moment of whimsy.

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With classical music, the possibilities are practically endless. Use its sweeping appeal to add elegance, class or agelessness—all while keeping production costs under tight control. If you’re looking for an even larger selection we also have orchestral music from the modern era. Much of our orchestral music has the same sound as music from the classical era, but it was composed more recently.

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