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Dance music isn’t just for party and club scenes. It makes an excellent counterpoint in any scene where you’re aiming to amp up the energy or build the thrill of anticipation. You can also use traditional dance music to create a sense of cultural authenticity.

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Lords Of War


Hour Glass

Say It Again

Aftershow Party


Start with our Project Millennium collection. This group of songs captures the sense of mystery and excitement that built around the turn of the millennium. Using cutting-edge sounds and state-of-the-art technology, Project Millennium offers both electronic ambience and upbeat dance sounds that ooze cool. If you are looking for world dance music, explore the diverse and authentic sounds of our Global Voyage collection. This album offers something from every corner of the world, from traditional African tribal beats to Hungarian folk dances and Irish jigs. Looking for upbeat dance music for a younger crowd? The Kids & Tweens collection is perfect. Fresh, whimsical sounds with a sunny, airy vibe fill this album with cheerful optimism. If you’re after a contemporary sound, our Edge 01: Techno Dance collection is perfect for you. This album is filled with energetic grooves that have strong appeal to young listeners and audiences. For club and party scenes with younger actors, this album has the music you need to marry sound and image. Some of the songs on Edge 01: Techno Dance include tracks like Berlin Nights, which capture the progressive edge of the German electronic music scene, and Cosmic Tech, an energetic groove that will drive you into outer space. Each song on the album is also available in a loop version to make it easier for sound designers. From indie productions to home videos, drive the energy of your scene with SmartSound’s cost-effective, authentic collections of dance music!

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