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Dub music is an offspring of reggae developed in Jamaica in the 1960’s. Dubbing literally means making a copy of one recording to another. In this case the dub producers took existing songs, stripped off the vocals, emphasized bass and drum parts, and went from there, reshaping the song electronically to suit their vision.

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Dub Till Dawn

Anchor Dub

You Know

Royalty-free dub music shows up in dance club tracks and vibes all over the Smartsound world, from Chill to Trance to Electronica, and fills the need wherever you want viewers to tune in to their rhythm and give their busy brains a mini-vacation. Note: Check out Dub Factor, for additional cuts—posted under the «Funky Royalty Free Reggae,» as most of the songs on this album have a Reggae tang. We especially like hypnotic Fingerprints; its Downtempo swirling electronics and crisp beats create an atmosphere of progress for Science productions. Chill out your Indie Film or science visuals with Phunkstar, a strutting Dance-style track with a kinetic undercurrent. Ethereal Dub Till Dawn, from the Eurobeat/Club/Electronica album pulsates through your night scene with sparse guitar and bass, with a touch of longing vocals to keep it mellow. Quiet, subdued Anchor Dub from A Chill in the Air kicks back in a spacey dub track, a cool background for Spoken Word/Narration projects. Dub returns to Africa in exotic Saharan Dub, from World Tour. Dub-style Ethnic Ensemble and Percussion goes Egyptian for any Travel, Documentary, or Home Video where adventure is the main topic. The essence of dub comes out in You Know with soulful manipulations of the music to create a laid-back mood. Use this smooth Reggae track from Edge 06:Chill-Out/Cool Moods/Lounge for a sleek, relaxed Travel scene with a Caribbean background. Drift away with Funky Royalty Free Dub to an endless night of low-key dancing and relaxation. It’s the African beat slowed down, drawn out and reformed for night-life chill. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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