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Horror music with an edge driven by special effects, unusual instrumentation or unique compositions is perfect for instilling an enhanced level of fear in your viewers. Move them to the edge of their seats with edgy horror music that’s bold, competitive and fiercely stylistic.

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And the Killer Is

The Next Day

Bringer of War

The People’s King

Big Problems




Mystery & Horror

And the Killer Is on Richard Band Volume 9—Mystery & Magic flies to the ethereal realms with richly layered, drama-filled orchestral composition ideal for the big screen with its tense, dark and sinister strains. The album also deals up The Next Day for an edgy, dissonant and haunting track with booming percussion and synth effects to boost the dramatic action.

Another great album is Drama and Emotion (PS51) with ten epic tracks including Bringer of War and The People’s King. Bringer of War marches forth and sets the stage for an epic battle. Drums, cymbals, electric guitars, cellos, silver flutes and oboe compete to create sinister, somber and edgy horror music. The People’s King claims competitive, dissonant and quirky music ideal for an indie or short film boasting epic scenes.


Orchestral Impact

Big Problems brings edgy horror music from the album Orchestral Impact (PS32)and places the viewer in the hot seat of suspense with a richly composed, bold and powerful orchestral soundscape. Finally, Dark Battle opens with brooding and melancholy strains which blossom into a sinister, solemn and somber track.

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Add tension, fear and conflict to your scenes with edgy horror music and watch your audience squirm. Hopefully, you’ll hear a scream or two or ten as you customize our tracks to fit your production. We make music with you in mind and our royalty free background music library is filled with customizable tracks you’re sure to enjoy.

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