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When the circuits are busy churning out futuristic techno tones that drive the action on and off the dance floor, Smartsound’s Royalty Free Electronic Music rolls it out. Electronic pulse is at the forefront with slick, retro Club 45 from Eurobeat/Club/Electronica, strutting out the background beat with disco style that doesn’t interfere with narration or visuals. R&B meets electronica in smooth, soulful Funk Machine, a punchy track with background vocals available.

Featured Royalty Free Electronic Music

A New Dub Message

Break My Impact

Champions Rock You

Dark Mother Dub

Distant Lights

Wild sax lines and hairpin turns have Hyped Up clamoring for your attention and pulling you out on the dance floor. Amp up the electronica pulse for heavy action productions with hard-driving tracks from Edge Breakbeat Multi-Layer, featuring soaring synths and funk-fused backbeats. Electric Bass rules the track in powerful, extreme Beatwise. Embed it in a flash movie or energize your tech presentation, sports scene or Video Games. Drum and Bass style with Synthesizer pour on the groove. I also dig the fierce, intense bass action in incessant, angry The Big Deep, great for building suspense in Action-Dramas of all kinds.  Then there’s eerie and urgent Twisted Origin, a tech-rocker with creepy undertones that spread like a virus infecting your edgy visual material.
Variety marks the tracks of Eclectic Beats, a compendium of driving elements from traditional to out of the box, —from the Strata Series (multi-layer and multi-instrumentation.) Especially check out the «Sine» arrangement for hypnotic, atmospheric Connected Inside, and bring out its downtempo off-kilter vibe for technological applications in Science, Short Film, and Indie Films. Quirky Down And Dirty, adds a punchy background—first time I ever heard static used as a musical element!    Electronica takes a bluesy turn in Spiral Tracks, a raw, energetic piece featuring electric guitar, perfect for driving sports footage right off the map. Royalty Free Electronic Music is all about the beat, from high-energy dance music from Europe, to techno flair background, to laid-back dub tracks. Use its percussive strength to drive action from dance floors to sports reels to heart-pounding Action-Drama. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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