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Yes, Virginia, you really can find a few delicious tracks to spice up your elevator scenes, or real-life elevator situations! Send your visitors upstairs in style with Royalty Free Elevator Music.

Retro Production Music

Retro Party offers ten kitschy tracks to outfit the campiest ride in town. Upbeat Latin American Bahia Blue, brings the jazz combo on board with a track just cheesy enough to have them dancing all the way up! Also perfect for light-hearted Vacation/Travel videos. Give them a quick trip to the beach with Malibu Bingo, evoking top-down road trips and all things sunny. This upbeat surfer retro-rock track punches up the mood, plus, being from the Strata Series, it features infinite variations of instrumentation and arrangement. You can keep it light, or keep it driving!

Featured Royalty Free Elevator Music

Bahia Blue

Malibu Bingo

Sitcom Samba

The Sneak

Traveling Light

Orchestra and strings get in on the action with perky Sitcom Samba, in a breezy lounge-style keyboard number with bouncing samba drums. Cruise ship clips, and comedy genres benefit from this whimsical track, anywhere you need friendly footage of people smiling, as they no doubt will be in your elevator ride. We also dig the novelty band and organ sound of The Sneak, a slinky bossa groove, to put your passengers in a mischievous mood.
Actually just need the real elevator deal for your scene? Office style elevator doors and dings bring the mechanical reality in, from sound effects album People and Animals.

Fun Production Music

Easy-going backgrounds abound in fun, chill album Bossa/Retro/Cool. Check out mellow Traveling Light, for your smoothest elevator ride yet. Even with the vocalists along, there’s still plenty of room for a crowd of relaxed passengers. They’ll want to take the ride over to hear tongue-in-cheek Guess Again, a whimsical, catchy tune with Rock/Pop Band and Trombone. Also stars in Home Videos. Who said elevator music had to be dull? Our Royalty Free offerings will make your elevator passenger feel they’ve come to the hippest building around with some tongue-in-cheek good humor. As long as they have to be that close together, they might as well enjoy the ride! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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