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The Smartsound advantage makes Smartsound’s Royalty Free Music a natural for film scoring. Not only do their nearly 4000 tracks give amazing variety and synchronicity among similar albums, but each song can be added to or subtracted from, to create an infinite number of variations; enough to populate a lengthy movie. Take the luminous strains of Unrevealed Truth, from Indie Score, a pensive, orchestral song using Piano, Chimes, and Marimba in addition to Studio Orchestra to create great depth expressing moods, from suspenseful to desolate. Note: For film scoring, take advantage of the sections called «More Tracks Like This…» that appear below and to the right of each song in the complete individual listings.

Featured Royalty Free Film Music

Unrevealed Truth


Dating Montage

It’s Got To Be Love

Bucolic Suburb

For example, later in the same suspense film you could bring in snippets of Anxiety, (from the Mystery/Undercover/Odyssey album) when the action turns from mysterious to hair-raising. It’s an array of sound textures that ratchet up the tension to the stark zone. If your suspense film takes off in a different direction, however, try the sultry, relaxed, romantic textures of Dating Montage, (Indie Film Fest) to bring in the love interest. This unique, sensual track features ukulele, as well as mandolin, and electric piano. When they go dancing at their exotic, overseas location, Foreignica from the same album keeps it sultry, with a driving tango theme. The scope for purely romantic films is equally extensive, starting with strong cinematic melodies like It’s Got To Be Love (Indie Score), a gentle, refreshing score that, nevertheless, foretells someone’s love life is about to change for the better. Later, much later, you might want to bring out lyrical ballad, In This Moment. Chamber group and acoustic guitar create a song that could almost be played at the wedding. You know what comes next—soccer mom! Cheerful Bucolic Suburb (Emotional Depth) tumbles through a bright new day in the neighborhood, where family hijinks can’t be far behind. As easily as the mood changes in a movie, Smartsound can also turn on a dime, with a relevant track, or change in musical arrangement to tweak the scene. Check out Smartsound’s song library first, in your quest for the perfect Royalty Free Film Music for your cinematic masterpieces. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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