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Smartsound’s Royalty Free Guitar music covers some big territory, with no less than four albums highlighting Guitar music. Homespun Guitar features the dreamy, contemplative moods evoked with the clear lines of acoustic guitar. Country/Folk Ballad The Way you Smile, creates a quiet, soothing background for Biography and Spoken Word/Narration. Touching, tender scenes get the right ambience through piano/strings duet. Easy-going, carefree Wellness, joins piano and acoustic guitar for a light, positive outlook.

Featured Royalty Free Guitar Music

The Way You Smile


Dark Cathedral

Hope Of Glory


Inspirational Guitar pulls up contemporary and classical elements to light up religious or tender scenes. For a Wedding or Tribute/Memorial scene, reflective, pensive Dark Cathedral recalls the empty sanctuary before the ceremony takes place.
Percussion and guitar create a mellow syncopation in Hope of Glory, a modern song with a classical theme, that fills the heart with happiness. Solo guitar in No Greater Love also strikes a lively note, moving restlessly in and out of dignified and spirited. Switching gears, album Driving/Intense Guitar features twenty hard-rock guitar-based tracks destined to rev up your heavy action and wild party scenes. Driving, futuristic Inner Machine Alt, pits rock and techno at each other. This raucous, mechanical track punches it up for Sports, On Hold Music, and Training Videos. It doesn’t get much wilder than angry, extreme Quarantine, a funky, in-your-face, hard rock ride, featuring Electric Guitar and Rock/Pop Band—great for hectic Sports and Action-Drama sequences.
Guitar Shop circles back around with various lighter offerings, such as earthy, outdoorsy Bountiful, an easy-going rock acoustic guitar track set to bring out positive vibes for refreshing On-Hold Music, or Training videos. Corporate projects get motivated with a spunky and funky electric guitar in Willing and Ready, cut in Corporate/Industrial style, yet unmistakably Slick, Slammin Guitar groove. The star of modern rock/pop music, guitar holds its own in conveying moods from gentle, classical ballad to raw, heavy metal. Take advantage of Smartsound’s impressive Royalty Free Guitar Music collection to add that modern steely edge or acoustic simplicity to your video masterpieces. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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