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Royalty Free Hard Rock Music from SmartSound bristles with intense masculine energy; hard-driving, hard-core; a few less-intense moments thrown in lighten the mood for a moment before barreling on. 

That intensity never lets up in raucous, hard-hitting Smother Me from Core Beyond.  Variations like Grunge, Suffocate, and Relentless tell the story of the ferocity that lies within.  Use this slammin track for Video Game terror, and Film Traileraction portending a v. powerful movie opening just a few ominous months hence!

Featured Royalty Free Hard Rock Music

Ready Or Not

Smother Me

Here Goes

Lucky You

Fooled Again

The incessant edginess continues in Indie Band 02’s Here Goes, aggressive Indie Rock that keeps up the pace.  Electric guitar drives the narrow melody and keeps up the raw action for as long as you need it for your scene. 

A few seconds of spotlighting just a couple guitars give Look Down (Alternative Maximum) points of respite from the relentless competitive tone on the rest of the track.  Keep Action-Drama and hard-driving commercials on track and striving for the big goals with this slick Rock/Pop Band cut.

Raw lead guitar riffs hint at the Lush Life, from the same album.  Strumming slowly across the chords fleshes out the rich intensity of this lavish contribution. 

Hard, yet still sweet, Sweet Spot from Youthful Discretion, keeps the energy high, yet ditches the implacable force; the young pre-teens having a blast throwing hard candy out of the parade float, past the age of riding their mini-bikes, not quite into defiant mode.  This one’s a fun, driving and young sounding pop-rock ride, great for Short Films.

Use the Smartsound Advantage with Royalty Free Hard Rock Music to show off tales of heavy action and intensity, backing off from the extreme edge with layered mixes, from Full to Light to Breakdown.  No one will doubt your characters/story are going for it to the max!

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