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Certain occasions call for no less than the hardest rock you can find! Create an intense and edgy mood in your scene or video production with the angry and extreme power of SmartSound’s royalty free heavy metal. At SmartSound, we’ve created a vast library of royalty free music for all your soundtrack needs. As part of our complete collection of popular genres, we offer numerous albums that highlight hard rock and heavy metal. It offers the perfect musical complement to scenes and projects with competitive, energetic and extreme themes. If you are looking for up-tempo hard rock and heavy metal, consider our Metal to the Pedal collection. Heart-pumping, adrenaline-pounding action is the relentless drive of this album. Its songs are perfect for scenes involving races, chases, parties, action, extreme sports and more.

Featured Royalty Free Heavy Metal

Back For More

Final Chance

Alien Matrix

Army Of Ghee

Back for More is one of the featured songs on Metal to the Pedal. The angry howl of its lead guitars chisels away at a powerful wall of melodic noise. Played against a backdrop of sports, racing or competition, this track will amp up the energy of your scene like nothing else! If you want a heavy metal sound with every bit as much power but a slower tempo, Final Chance from Metal to the Pedal is a hard rock hit. Intense and thrilling with a grunge-influenced grind, this song is perfect for that big showdown scene. Adrenaline Rush is another of our recommended collections for those seeking the up-tempo energy of heavy metal but want an extra dimension of mood. Alien Matrix, one of the tracks from the album, is a perfect example of a rock-driven song overlaid with evocative and otherworldly echoes that create a spellbinding effect. Army of Ghee and Firestorm are two other prime examples of tracks from Adrenaline Rush that fuse the aggression of heavy metal with synth-driven, moody melodies. If you have confrontations, battles, competitions, races or showdowns in your piece and you want to use your soundtrack to build anticipation, SmartSound’s royalty free heavy metal is the key to unlocking the thrilling tension you’re after.

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