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Royalty Free Horror Music plays an integral part in manipulating the minds of willing viewers to get scared out of their wits. The quiet, eerie sequence of brooding tones does just as much to terrify, with all that it doesn’t say, as the frantic, crashing sounds of the horror scene that has arrived. From the Screening Room, haunting Hidden Horror sets up the suspense with lonely woodwinds, and an uncertain string melody that intensify our sense of isolated terror. From Richard Band Vol. 2 – Horror ominous Odd Shadows feeds on our primordial fear of the bogeyman. Trumpets and deep brass build the nail-biting mood in this thrilling, sneaky track that hint at mysterious beings lurking ever closer from the dark edges of the woods.

Featured Royalty Free Horror Music

Hidden Horror

Odd Shadows

Hidden Threat

Beyond The Iron Gate

Gruesome Discovery

The horror starts to unfold in earnest with Hidden Threat, from the same album. This dissonant, sinister track adds manic strings to the Orchestra background to create a harmonic scene of pure dread. This album features large, live studio orchestra replete with blood-curdling strings, and chilling otherworldly effects geared for the big screen. For instance, reverberating notes from an ancient piano, incessant percussion, and deep notes from bass instruments terrify those who’d dare enter the old mansion Beyond the Iron Gate.

No more buildup; the horror is at hand with Gruesome Discovery. Classic horror-style strings reveal what’s dangling in the closet or rotting in the bathtub, with this heart-stopping fear opus. Horror on a broader scale, such as impending danger in an Action-Drama or Video Game, gets the driving, edgy treatment it needs in Scourge, from Tales of Horror. Approach the final curtain with an incessant phrase that chips away at our sanity, echoes and incites our pounding pulse, with Shadow Stocker, and delivers a dramatic blow for the horrific climax. For my money, the The Other Side, from Richard Band’s album takes honors for evoking the most terrifying final scene. With metallic wails, painful squeals and violent brass explosions it gets into your viewers’ cells and stays there long after the movie ends. It’s amazing how good horror music tunes up terrified expectations to the max. Royalty Free Horror Music from SmartSound fills the bill, creating that over-the-top fright ambience your viewers love. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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