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An Indie Rock search on SmartSound brings up multiple albums featuring this compelling and sometimes offbeat genre.


Indie Pop lets you reach the final plateau with driving, competitive, The Extra Mile.  Sports footage is a natural venue for this track, but it could also follow a hero’s journey in a TV/Film production.  Studio orchestra highlighted by clear tones from a bell-like percussion instrument, and piano keep the story flowing in a positive direction.


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The Extra Mile

Free Ride

Just Thinking

Perfect Day

A New Start

Dramatic or action scenes get a brooding Free Ride from Indie Band 01.  An extensive moody electronic intro is followed by driving rock from Rock/Pop band.  The characters in your Indie Film or Commercial may have mulled over the course of action for long, dark time, but then they reach a decision and throw themselves into it.

From the same album, Just Thinking lends a solemn, thoughtful background for developing the story’s conflict theme.  Later in the track, piano starts punching in with a much more upbeat groove, and these two opposites keep alternating from there. 

Enjoy an idyllic afternoon with Perfect Day from Indie Band 2.  Happy sequences among family and friends are well-represented with this light, carefree tune that keeps its summery, cheerful tone throughout.

Another track in the same vein is brought to you by album Aesthetics:  New Rock with heartwarming A New Start.  Accordian, mandolin, piano and electic guitar all add refreshing tweaks to this Indie Artist track that nearly shimmers in its tender joy.

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Indie Rock from SmartSound covers many moods from ominous to upbeat, with electric guitar and percussion present in nearly every track, breezy and hypnotic.


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