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Royalty Free Intro Music covers a lot of ground. First thought might be an intro to a movie setting the tone for grand drama to follow. Few can hear the Star Wars song, or “Tara’s Theme” from Gone With the Wind, for example, without being instantly transported to scenes from those film.

Reality, Drama & TV Production Music

For large cinematic projects like this, explosive orchestral cues such as those found on Reality Drama TV really set the stage for the chaos and the glory to come. The 19 tracks of this album includes multiple related pieces that could be linked together to provide not only a dynamic intro, but also a dazzling finale, and short bumpers to transition between scenes.

Featured Royalty Free Intro Music

Challenge Failure B

Challenge Success A

First On The Scene

New Discovery

Comic Intros

Mysterious percussion instruments and simmering strings amplify Challenge Failure B into an epic intro for a suspense movie or TV show. Studio orchestra evokes jangled nerves, and bombastic high points. Mix and match with turbulent drum passages from Challenge Success A, a fitting aftermath (ending) for the competitive, spirited production.

Fantasy, Magic & Suspense Production Music

Many orchestral tracks within the SmartSound library make bold, exciting choices for a film intro, which is just as likely to be a corporate video as an epic adventure. Check out Fantasy, Magic & Suspense for a couple of good candidates. Inspiring First on the Scene makes a big statement with uplifting percussion ensemble adding intriguing twists to the progression. You just know any movie, whether action-drama, or new product line-up is going to be more exciting with acoustic, striving New Discovery setting things off with a flourish.

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Vintage Comedy Production Music

On a smaller scale, intro music can include a short passages that proceeds a longer, larger musical number or scene. Novelty band in Comic Intros from the Vintage Comedy album includes a varied selection of short comic moments to introduce a funny scene in Comedy, Home Movies, and Animation. With the SmartSound Advantage of timing control down to even a few seconds, most any SmartSound Royalty Free Music track can be mined for an intro to similar music to come. It can be either isolated from the track itself, and only used as an intro, or serve as a beginning for a completely different track. Whether you just need a few quirky beats to usher in your song, or scene, or a dramatic, awe-inspiring overture to foretell thrilling entertainment on the way, Royalty Free Intro Music has the knack for delivering the buoyant message and heighten the anticipation. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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