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Green Isle


Lord Inchiquin

Not far behind is World-style Irish Jig; with Pennywhistle and Oboe joining the band, and the boundless energy of a mischievous leprechaun, it spirits you into a festive mood! From Smartsound’s World Cinema album comes a gentle, pastoral tune showcasing the outdoorsy side of Royalty Free Irish music, Green Isle, and the incredible green beauty of Ireland. This multi-layered track from the Strata series can be made light or robust, using Smartsound’s mood mapping technology, to provide a background theme for travel footage.
Album Celtic Evolution reprises traditional Irish tunes and instruments with contemporary production. Calm and tender ballad Inisheer, adds a tranquil note to Travel, Nature, and Home Video productions featuring accordion, vibraphone and guitar. Traditional instruments take a refreshing detour into modern musical twists with Lord Inchiquin, a calm, light-hearted background for Documentaries and Commercials, being more “Irish-themed,” than pure Irish. Then there’s happy, relaxed Shashkeen, an easy-going groove featuring mandolin which plays it cool, while keeping it’s upbeat flavor. Wherever Royalty Free Irish music wanders to, whether waxing calm, tender and reflective, or kicking up its heels in a high-energy jig, it always reflects the heartwarming, festive quality of its creators, Irish musicians! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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