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Agent Mellow


Spice Is Nice

Felt Not Heard

Linger Awhile

Smartsound’s album Eclectic Lounge serves up a smorgasbord of tasty, intoxicating treats including Spice Is Nice, in which Asian influences merge with a chilled-out groove. It’s perfect for any project for international or Far East subject matter. Find a delicious background ballad for On Hold Music in Felt Not Heard, a gentle, sultry, unobtrusive night-time atmosphere with hints both sensual and longing. Let’s face it. The bottom line of classic lounge is classic bachelor pad, and the intention to get a certain someone in a very relaxed mood. Check out Linger Awhile, an evening groove, featuring soulful trumpet. Add piano and strings into the mix and give your romantic evening scene a slick, relaxed background—the perfect ingredients for venturing into unknown territory! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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