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Meditation is an escape from the hectic pressures of the everyday world. Practitioners vanish into an ethereal world where the oceans of dream and reality wash together. It both soothes and rejuvenates, heightening spiritual awareness while boosting mental and physical health.

The evocative ambience of meditation music aids the process. At SmartSound, we have numerous collections in our album catalogue that have strong appeal for those looking for royalty-free meditation music. Whether you practice meditation at home or simply want options for a video or commercial production, we invite you to discover our New Age-influenced collections. Our Dreams and Whispers collection covers a complete range of moods and emotions. Fusing the contemporary appeal of electronic sound production with the enduring feel of New Age abstraction, this collection provides listeners with hours of easy listening pleasure. The tracks on this collection invoke feelings ranging from wonder and discovery to mystery and sensuality. The Distant Worlds collection is perfect for science fiction-themed productions. Built on spacious, subtle melodies, these calm but mesmerizing passages take on a life of their own under the guidance of abstract but intricate percussion. Ethereal Dreams strikes a calm, smooth mood that still manages to blend in moments of hypnotic tension. One of our most versatile collections of meditation music, these abstract but intricately composed songs are strongly recommended if you’re trying to build a dreamy or romantic tone. Additional collections of New Age-influenced meditation music include Serene Dream, Lighter than Air, Expressive Textures, Minimum Exposure and Tranquil Journeys.

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These meditation collections also make perfect background music and easy listening for homeopathic and alternative medicine practitioners. Soothe and calm clients during massages and treatments, or fill your office with comforting soundscapes. The complex yet natural flow of these collections is perfect for scoring a wide range of emotional scenes. Add a sense of discovery, romance, mystery or eternity to your video production without the expense of hiring your own composer. The unique and striking compositions in each meditation collection give your production a distinctive feel while maintaining your projected film budget.

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