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Smartsound’s Royalty Free Music by Indie Artists lean heavily on electric and acoustic guitar styles, and Indie Spirit kicks it off with a collection featuring various levels of intensity. Punchy, Alternative Rock track Dances With Peppers could star in your next Indie or Short Film. It’s bluesy tempo belies its confident stance, a big and jangly rock track, that puts its foot down.

Featured Royalty Free Music by Indie Artists

Guitarra In B Minor

Tomorrow Never Lies

Breaking The Silence

148th Song

Stars Shine Bright

The robust groove of Guitarra In B Minor chugs along through various textures using Earthy Ethnic Ensemble, and Acoustic Guitar vehicles. Great for documentaries, and for scoring the passage of time. Wrap up a corporate, Indie or Short Film with expansive Tomorrow Never Lies. Rock/Pop Band paired with Sitar give this track an Energetic, global flavor, Uplifting enough to send you on your way in a Positive mode. Check out album Steep for the moodier side of Indie. Driving Indie Rock Vocals in Breaking the Silence, explore tough relationships. Raw, Edgy Egomaniac, laments a self-absorbed other with hard, bitter rock! Indie Rock delight 148th Song, from Pinkle Volume 2 I find just about irresistible, with its Quirky lines like “I wish that you could love me, That the sun could come, in every direction.” The words are a little poignant, but the tune is pure Hopeful, and catchy to boot!
For a more Rockin cut try Girl Next Door, from Pinkle Volume 1. Punchy rock sets the stage for the nervous vocal excitement of falling for the girl or guy next door. Tender Ballad, Stars Shine Bright from Brady Harris, features pedal steel and acoustic guitars as well as vocals for a Serene, Lyrical song; it’s tone is evident in this snippet, “The moon still glows, Everybody knows, It still glows for you.” Wherever Indie goes, guitar is not far behind, whether acoustic or electric, to add richness and savor to tales of bemusement, relationships and whatever’s a little off-beat about modern life. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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