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SmartSound’s Royalty-Free Documentary Music offerings differ as much as documentary subjects themselves do. For your Dramatic Stories match up the ominous, expansive Crucial Developments with real-life dramas and emotional narratives. This orchestral-style track conveys a sense of urgency, as does Last Seen, from the same collection. Dark and introspective, “Last Seen,” conveys the mysterious, solemn side of the story. For action-dramas, or short films, try Two Minds As One to add dreamy, dramatic sophistication with a cinematic touch.

Featured Royalty Free Music for Documentaries

Friends In Town

Eastern Metropolis

Operation Desert

Scenic Journey

Unfortunate Encounter

Documentaries can be home-spun as well, detailing the favorite how-to project. Bright, friendly, dynamic themes from the Home and Garden album inspire viewers to enjoy their work, and feel productive, too. Sunrise will get you up-and-at-‘em with its easy-going, refreshing lilt, set to acoustic guitar. Don’t miss Renovations, a positive soft-pop track shining with motivation. Corporate music crosses over to documentary filmmaking in Industrial Documentary, a collection of pop, funk and rock tracks crackling with energy, progress, and the spirit of achievement. Pair Approaching Destination’s confident, tech-savvy vibe to your non-fiction projects that feature a hopeful ending. When your film’s story takes you outdoors, add the refreshing, breezy background of Out West, from the same album. Take note of the cinematic moods found on Scoring Essentials, a collection of striking scores inspired by contemporary films. Hard Body, is a tongue-in-cheek jazz/vocal rendition reminiscent of the way runway models or weightlifters make it look effortless, while belying the work that goes into it. Contrast this with the suspenseful Alien, whose haunting violin effect could perfectly set the scene for a UFO sighting, or other-world experience. Truth, as they say, is sometimes stranger than fiction, so don’t hesitate to take some license with your true-life stories. You may get some attention to a subject that deserves it. With the huge selection of music ranging from dramatic to down-to-earth, you can’t go wrong backing up your heartfelt project with SmartSound Royalty-Free Music.


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