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Music is essential for conveying exciting Events onscreen, because music is almost always part of an event in real-life, too. Whether stirring, touching, or nostalgic, music puts the crowd in the mood instantly. When events are of a religious nature Hymns Revisited provides numerous modern renditions of classic hymns, which serve as appropriate background music, such as for church video productions. The smooth, easy-going To God Be The Glory, accents positive uplifting themes. This version, featuring horn section interludes, is so jazzy, you might not even realize it’s a traditional hymn. Amazing Grace 3 is often played at funerals, and makes a seamless transition for such a scene, especially with the County/Folk Ballad tang this song takes on. The classic hymn of redemption comes off both lilting and relaxed, with Country Band, and Electric Guitar. See also When We All Get to Heaven, for the same Happy, Upbeat style.

Featured Royalty Free Music for Events

When We All Get To Heaven

Shuffle Off

Ocean Breeze

All Your Toes

Doodling Along

Switch your Event to a happy social scene with Groovy Party Pack, and liven up the crowd with swing to Jazz to toe-tappin’ Funk. Picture a sunny summer wedding scene from the 1930’s to today. Bluesy acoustic Shuffle Off, brings out Big Band, Flute, and Trumpet to add some jazz coolness to the background. Don’t miss the rockin’ piano interlude on this one, and, for a wailing guitar solo, try You Got Me from the same album. Jazz combo and horn section drive this smokin’ old-school funky outing. Lighter-than-air flute and jazz combo track, Ocean Breeze, makes a sophisticated background for a cooking show. This island-flavored treat features Latin/Caribbean accents with a refreshing, carefree flavor. Scenes needing an old-fashioned touch swing and dance through Nostalgic Nights, a collection of dancehall jazz with clarinet, sax, and violin notes. Cooking and Home Video trip along on All Your Toes, a light cocktail number with a Latin touch. Doodling Along makes a nice transition in your scene with bluesy violin and sax. And, the festive, comical, tongue-in-cheek strains of Celebration, turn any Home Video into an Event. Smartsound’s Royalty Free Holiday & Events Music has what it takes to keep the background lively and upbeat for your Event sequence, or to take a leading role. Let the fun begin! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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