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How lucky are we to be the Melting Pot of the World, as well as the world’s music? There are few global music influences that don’t show up in the ocean of American music somewhere, even if it’s just background for your relaxing dinner at the Italian restaurant, or cooking of the same at home. Album Going Global showcases ten tracks from music styles as diverse as reggae (Riddam and Bang, a peppy, refreshing and happy offering perfect for the next travel scene) to Irish (Emerald Sunrise, uplifting and confident, a contemporary track with positive aspirations.) Calming Influence from the same album adds Asian influenced tranquility to mellow out your travel footage, when things get too hectic. By the way, have you noticed many tracks in SmartSound’s Royalty-Free Music repertoire feature suggestions for related/similar songs, if you want to keep the mood consistent?

Featured Royalty Free Music for Travel Videos

Riddim And Bang

Emerald Sunrise

Calming Influence


Hot Tamale

The Latin flavor of all 17 tracks of Spicy Rhythms brings out the diversity even within that sphere of music. These songs will perk up your travel venues and action-dramas. Put them on the menu for mouth-watering enticement to your cooking shows/videos as well. We love Brasilia, a sensualsamba in a Latin American theme with acoustic guitar perfect for footage needing a festive, exuberant tone. Turn on the melancholy with Rosa’s Tears, a leisurely, heartwarming tribute to love lost. It’s always time to eat after the drama has wound down for this week’s action sequence/wrenching love triangle resolved, right? Bring out the festive sense of release with fresh, energetic international favorite, Hot Tamale. The best part of world travel is bringing what you’ve experienced back home, and SmartSound Royalty Free Music brings back the memories and the adventure faster than anything. Bring it on!


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