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March of Victory

Fight for Fortune

Olympic Bed

Olympic Victory



  • March of Victory, from the album Epic & Fanfare is a bold and stately processional. Its acoustic instrumental notes fly from low to high, an excellent choice for sports-themed projects.
  • Fight for Fortune, a track on the Heroic Overtures album, is an uplifting-yet-lively background track that is perfect for a tribute or memorial scene honoring fallen heroes.
  • Olympic Bed from the album Orchestral Drama — Light and Dark (PS65) oozes drama and has a majestic quality. Its glorius orchestral instrumentals make it a great choice for an anthem, yet it would work equally well in an action-drama scene.


And of course there’s the track, Olympic Victory from the album Olympic Moments (PS45) — it manages to be both bold and triumphant with a superb studio orchestra, making it a top choice for corporate videos to inspire and uplift the audience.While all the many Olympic Orchestral tracks available share certain traits, there is so much variety between them that they can fit many different scenes, creating specific themes in any video or game in which they are used. And with SmartSound’s award-winning technology users can be certain there is a variant or specific instrumentation to fit any need.

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