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Royalty Free Orchestral Music tends to be big and dramatic, as big as the idea that the entire cast of musicians is at your service—working together to bring you all the drama and adventure the orchestral sound conveys.

Heavy hitting tracks in Orchestral Impact delivers big-budget effect, no matter the size of the screen! The pulsating orchestral strains of eerie, haunting Graven Image work toward the countdown with an effective dwindling of the orchestra down to a single piano as mysterious as it is irresistible to follow. Drive the story forward in your Action-Drama or Suspense project with this dramatic track.

Featured Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Dark Whisper

Emotional Aftermath

Epic Conquest

Fight For Your Life

Heartfelt Retrospective

Triumphant epics find their voice with Swashbucklers. This exciting soundtrack for tense action sequences seems to sweep ever higher in its portrayal of heroic adventures—the realm of fantasy looms as big as your imagination can make it. Royalty Free Orchestral Music heads off more magical directions with Fantasy, Magic & Suspense. Rife with bold orchestral statements, it still includes lighter treatments suited even for kid-friendly comedy. Quirky and magical, Under A Spell boasts the presence to lead a blockbuster children’s Mystery/fantasy, or Action/Drama, yet keeps its droll sense of humor. Also brimming with sophistication and tongue-in-cheek Gothic, Spooky Groove, produces a catchy, mysterious background with strings and a cool beat, perfect for light-hearted, but scary projects. No discussion of orchestral music would be complete without mentioning its ability to convey moods of incredible delicacy and tenderness, such as the tracks on Emotional Depth. Indie Film or Tribute/Memorial gets a lyrical treatment with poignant Rewind to Yesterday, a melancholy, yet heartwarming ballad suited for scenes of longing and remembrance. Introduce a Cinematic masterpiece in the romantic comedy genre with uplifting The Start of Something, a lively, bubbling track portending big, lively things to come. Whether your project needs a backdrop perky and cheerful, or pumped to the gills with expansive drama and accomplishment of heroic deeds, Royalty Free Orchestral Music can match the mood with verve and finesse! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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