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Royalty Free Pop Music reigns king as the biggest category ever in Smartsound’s library. Pop elements show up in everything from kid’s fun songs to gospel to hard rock. Depending on your point of view you could say pop is where music has been destined to go over the centuries, given its almost universal ability to lighten up the spirits of even the most dreary mood!

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Almost Home

Friends In Town



Unlimited Potential

Party-hardy is pop’s natural home—intense, driving Punk Pop from album High Octane sets the stage for competitive video games and sports videos. Check out the whole album for a great selection of hard-driving tracks. Ditto for album Modern Rock, a mother-lode of powerful Pop Rock tracks ideal for commercials, Indie Films, Short Films, or any sequence where high-action kicks in. We especially like, Indie Pop’s energetic theme. If your project needs a more relaxed feel, as in corporate/industrial scenes, visit Jangle Pop for a selection of “getting the job done” tracks. Destiny Awaits features Rock/Pop Band in a motivating, positive beat that shows you’re making moves, but keeping your sense of humor. See especially, Soak up the Day, for a positive rock ballad perfect for emotional moments in the story. Pop takes the competitive edge in album Edge 02: Rap / Rock / Pop. Rockin cut Double Diamond sets off down a mountain for an extreme snowboard race. Raw and energetic, this Hard Rock track sets the stage for any high-energy sports or action scene. Psyche yourself up for the race with funky, refreshing Nothin You Can’t Do from the same album. This R&B vocal features a laid-back groove and positive lyric hook that tells us we can do anything we put our minds to—perfect background to de-stress before the competition. Love it or hate it, pop is here to stay, cheering us on to avoid taking ourselves too seriously, and remind us that it’s all in the attitude. When the groove in your head matches the groove in the music, you can relax and handle pretty much whatever comes along! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy.

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