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Royalty Free Pop Rock Music from SmartSound brings out the lively side of rock music.  Upbeat and musical, these selections never get too heavy, but they do sometimes convey the bittersweet facets of life.

Rock/Pop laced with an Indie flavor rolls out Shoreline from Bright Side.  With a relaxed, friendly beat and melody that seem to go on forever, this track makes a great backup for a montage of going-places scenes.  The beach bum has grown up, and turned that ability to patiently wait for the perfect wave into a positive benefit in the working world.  Also a nice backdrop for motivating commercials.


Featured Royalty Free Pop Rock Music


Let Me Be

Stow Away

Brand New Life

Evening in Venice

Indie Band 02’s Alternative Rock theme Let Me Be leads in with an even more hypnotic pace, but then soothing vocals chime in to reassure, and single-digit piano note evokes focus and clarity.  This song conveys a feeling of anticipation, and the drawn out pattern of pulsating vibe alternating with changes of pace show how much back-and-forth reflection is going on; it’s nail-biting, but in a nice way.

The lead lyrics to Stowaway from Michael Raphael—“I just wanna be where you are” speak of a sweet, and heartfelt wish to be with the beloved, no matter what’s going on.  Acoustic and electric guitar keep it lively, while the words describe a persistent longing.  Can we say “Rom/com”?

Electric strings and guitar melodies give Brand New Life from Light Hearted a quirky turn that leads viewers to expect the unexpected, such as kids’ antics in Home Videos or life’s-sure-different-here Travel films.  This perky, refreshing track features a pop-rock chorus.

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And, finally, check out Jessa’s Evening in Venice which adds an exotic element with mandolin flourishes to a saddish ballad about a doomed romantic evening.  An Indie Film or Short Film would make good use of this ode to even shorter relationships, as in “How long do I have to stay on this date before I can decently slip away?”

Despite its sprightly ambience, Royalty Free Pop Rock from SmartSound ably backs up powerful emotions, such as puppy love.  Maybe they don’t seem life-threatening in the overall scheme of things, but they are important to the person going through them.

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