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Reality Drama TV covers every possible scenario you might need to score. Start with your choice of numerous intro themes, which infuse your opening credits with a punchy and lively sound. From there, introduce your characters, players or contestants with subtle and moody pieces that build suspense. Reality Drama TV features two options – Player Intros A and Player Intros B – which draw on a full range of stylistic influences. Setups and challenges are a vital part of any dramatic reality TV show. The Reality Drama TV compilation covers you with extended medleys that let you evoke the confrontational mood of the challenge setup. Then, no matter whether the players succeed or fail, you’ll have no trouble finding the right music for the moment – the collection offers two medleys each for challenge successes and failures. Some reality TV shows are more driven by character interactions than showdowns or challenges. We’ve created two evocative musical sequences titled Development A and Development B to help you key in on crucial turns of events. You will also find specially composed pieces that amp up the drama and impact of other crucial moments in your show. These pieces include recaps, in which the achievements or shortcomings of a contestant or character are being recounted. Moments of judgment get the tense, stern and moody treatment through the Judgment A and Judgment B tracks. Cut to commercial and roll your final credits with cue supplements and outro themes. At SmartSound, we’ve got the royalty free music that will boost production value while keeping your reality TV budget realistic. Trust our traditional and original tracks for your reality drama TV series, sports series or action drama.

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