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More than 40 albums fill the Royalty-Free Rock, Hip Hop and R&B section. From heavy metal, to hip hop, to R&B the SmartSound selection of Royalty Free Rock Music will have what your looking for. Our musicians have helped define the sound of many world renowned artists. Guitarist Bob Mann recorded, toured with, and arranged for a wide array of rock icons including Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Steve Tyrell, Celine Dion, James Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Gladys Knight, and others. Josquin des Pres shared credits include Jack Johnson, Gypsy Kings, Spencer Davis, Charlie Daniels, Bernie Taupin, Billy Sheehan and Peter Frampton. Whether you’re producing an Indie film, sports film, product video, or you just want to spice up your on-hold music with something guaranteed to keep your callers from falling asleep on the line, this category has something soulful for you.

Featured Royalty Free Rock Music

How Can I Say Goodbye

All The Time

Below The Radar

Don’t Wait For Me

Generation Gap

R&B guitar harmonies in Just One Night Alt from the Groovin’/Soulful/Funk album keep it awake with a funky mid-tempo vibe. Add brass for Funk City Alt, and you have a strutting, fresh, lively and cool background that’s worth waiting for. This album has 20 groovin’, soulful, funky tracks to choose from. Indie/Alternative bands featured in Independent Motion bring raw energy and punch to your action films, short films and commercials. Match the intense moments of your sequence with heights of music using Sonicfire Pro’s timing control feature, while still coming out perfectly at the end. Rock ballad, When the Moment Comes, brings a brooding, striving atmosphere to your project to add a powerful and expansive quality. Rough, ready and rockin’ Die Trying forges a new path ahead. The album Classic Rock is 16 tracks with familiar rock sounds. From the Chuck Berry like Bad Johnny to the Beatles influenced British Invasion these songs will set the mood in the time of classic rock from the 50’s to the 80’s. You can find today’s sounds on albums like Modern Rock, Nu Skool Hip-Hop and Indie Spirit. Whatever type of rock, hip-hip or R&B sound your production needs, you will find it in our Royalty Free Rock Music section. With Jawbone, catchy guitar riffs and heavy drums will bring you back to rock’s heyday. As fresh as today, you’ll swear its driving energetic beat was born in the 70’s. Pop/rock band performance of Fried Mojo Dessert, is all that and more with some bluesy country flavor thrown in. Great for training films as well as on-hold music. Bring it downtown with Urban Hustle, also reminiscent of old-school funk. Clean Sweep, adds guitar riff and organ on the main melody to the R&B standard soul sound. Frisky single, You Can’t Be Serious, promises to lighten any mood in your production, with its funky upbeat tone—features bubbly organ for that irresistible retro feel. Never miss a chance to add the king of modern music, i.e., rock-and-roll, R&B, and their offspring Hip Hop to your projects whenever you can, to convey the sheer raw energy and fun of being alive. I used to rest easy at night once I heard the driveway start to thump and vibrate with car-confined rap as my teen-age Gen-X-er returned home. Now he’s going on 30, and the other day I made the comment I didn’t think there had ever been any music as exciting as 70’s rock, before or since. He didn’t even blink—he just said, “I think you’re right.” I rest my case.

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