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Scary Video Games have powerful, driving, energetic or even quietly suspenseful music that brings animation, characters and scenes to life with thrilling, action-packed music that ups the mystery and suspense factor.

Featured Royalty Free Scary Video Game Music

Dark City-UGM

The Puzzle Solver


Annihilation Suite

Lake House

Consider Dark City-UGM on the highly diversified album Amotz Plessner & Friends, volume 3—Dynamic. Dark City is the backdrop for mysterious events as dramatic strings 


build tension with edgy, scary and thrilling music. Amotz also offers The Puzzle Solver with a sneaky and abstract pulse that feels atmospheric and ethereal and is perfect for scary video game music or covert operations.

Sinister Appeal

Dungeons on Foreboding Episodes has a dark, dreary, cave-like feel with growling tones and ominous, scary effects that create a rich atmosphere for eerie, haunting scenes. Dungeons’ music is minimal, abstract and sneaky making it ideal for a suspenseful game. Annihilation Suite on the album Action Packed: Thriller & Suspense (PS58) bursts forth with mad piano, guitar and crazy drum beats until it collapses and tiptoes around a cautionary character. The album also features Dark Schemes and Criminal Element, both composed for thriller-packed trailers, video games and fast-action scenes. Epidemic on Tales of Horror (PS33) is especially sinister with haunting, ominous bells and keys that tantalize the audience’s emotions with their somber, suspenseful and intense pulse. The album is packed with music ideally suited for scary video game music, particularly with Lake House, a sparse and scary track with indistinct voices that are eerie, haunting and abstract. Find a variety of Scary Video Game music whether it’s just one instrument, electronica or a full orchestra in the diverse SmartSound library. We’ve created our music with you and your dreams in mind so take a spin through the library. You’ll be happy to know that our music is royalty free and best of all, customizable.

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