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Strings may be the heart of the orchestra, but piano is the diva (this coming a piano player, of course!) Classical Royalty Free Piano Music from SmartSound gives ample play to this glorious partnership, with 59 tracks to fill the bill. 

Considered a precursor to modern ambient music, Gymnopedie #1 from turn of the 20th-century composer Erik Satie, revisited in leisurely, lilting Autumn Rain One from Artistic Impressions could have been written any time in the last twenty years.  Use this classical piano ballad in reflective or pensive scenes, in Meditation pieces or mellow TV drama scenes.  Piano is joined by some mysterious percussion instrument striking notes that sound just like raindrops hitting a pool.

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The Abyss

Android Dream


Deserted City

Each Passing Moment

A livelier song from Satie is highlighted in romantic, touching A Day in the Park in album Daydreams (PS70).  Viewers of your Nature film, Biography, Wedding or Documentary would enjoy this sweet, reflective background.

Somber, dramatic piano pairs with cello in an evocative Chamber Group selection from Parlour Games called Puccini Vc.  Use it in intimate scenes from Indie Films or Short Films, or where pre-World War atmosphere is foretelling sad times to come.  Each instrument has its moment in the sun, while keeping the melancholy mood strong. 

Classical Suite #6 gives us piano music in its refined, serene demeanor, in delicate Beethoven Piano 5 2nd Mvt from Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto.  Tribute/Memorial productions shine in the glow of this familiar, gentle song. 

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A pulsating piano piece called Ambitious, shows a darker mood from the keys, perfect for Action-Drama or Documentary work.  This solo from Piano Portraits hums with drama and minimalism, perhaps a background for a train journey, or a situation that seems to drive forward yet just reflects some of life’s situations that never appear to get anywhere…The track is circular.

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