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It’s the soundtrack for strolls down big city streets, the sunny deck of a private pool at a Miami resort, a pensive moment on an isolated California beach. A warm saxophone sets the tone, a piano answers and perhaps an acoustic guitar interrupts the conversation. It’s smooth jazz and very few musical styles have the ability to create a distinctive backdrop for so many different scenes. If your next production calls for musical accompaniment that can be both unobtrusive and filled with personality, consider one of SmartSound Inc’s distinctive royalty free smooth jazz collections.

Featured Royalty Free Smooth Jazz

Have We Met

Hot Plate

Just Old-Fashioned

Mixed Greens

Off The Menu

Whether it’s music with a positive outlook, something light and breezy, energetic and swinging or even tinged with a little Hip Hop Jazz, SmartSound has a collection that can help you create the right mood for your stage production, documentary or special performance. Want to your project to make a statement right from the start? Consider the funk-blues-jazz hybrid found on Future Com, on Jazz Synergy a collection that has a confidence and swagger all its own. Bold guitar and organ lines make this track the perfect choice for training and corporate communications videos to show an organization that is on the move. Smooth As Silk is as satiny smooth as its name implies, slick urban grooves that capture the feel of big-city sophistication. With hints of electronica matching pace with a soulful sax, this track has a self-assuredness that can make a fashion show runway or corporation documentary stand out. Slow down the pace and put things in a mellow mood with New Age Jazz, a track that is as calming and laid back as an ocean breeze. A crisp keyboard gives way to a sleek, soothing saxophone that is pulsating without being obtrusive. If you’re looking for music that is strong enough to stand on its own yet allows your voice to come through, “New Age Jazz” can be the positive background music to make your work come together. Need something with a little more edge (but not too much)? Hip Hop Jazz captures the happy and carefree spirit of hip-hop with the sophisticated and confident poise of jazz. It’s where downtown meets upbeat. The distinctive sounds of “Hip Hop Jazz” bring that youthful element to corporate training videos, new product rollouts, even on-hold sessions. Give your next production the sophisticated, sunny and upbeat sound of smooth jazz with royalty free smooth jazz compilations from SmartSound, the only customizable Royalty Free Music library.

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